Jonathan Doherty, chair of Naptec welcoming 2018 spring seminar participants

Jonathan Doherty, chair of Naptec welcoming 2018 spring seminar participants

Past Events

NaPTEC has been bring together thought leaders in primary teacher education for over 25 years. Below you can find  a listing of our past events including many of the papers and presentation slides.


2019 Conference

Full Programme with downloads coming soon

Chair’s Welcome

Legacy of Mentoring - Rachel Lofthouse

The Best of Intentions - Caroline Daily

2018 Conference

Whatever happened to the broad and balanced primary curriculum?


conference flyer

Jonathan Doherty
Chair’s Conference Summary

James Noble Rogers, Chief Executive, UCET
policy update

Joe Treacy, Chartered College of Teaching
The professional body for all teachers and leaders


Tony Eaude
Keynote address: The rationale for a broad and balanced curriculum

Mike Lansdown, University of Buckingham
In the Zone

Susan Ogier, University of Roehampton
The role and benefits of the arts with primary age children

Aimee Quickfall, Bishop Grosseteste University
Teacher trainee and parent: supporting the ‘triple whammy’


Matthew Sossick, Roehampton University
Teacher Resilience

Tessa Willy, Kingston University
Just one more plate to spin or two more hands to help?

Deborah Pope, University of Chester
Subject knowledge for a broad and balanced curriculum

Flora Barton Headteacher, Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School
‘Doing what you know is right’

Richard Dunne, Headteacher of Ashley CofE Primary School in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Finding Harmony in a world of measure
Why We Need an Education Revolution
Growing in Harmony

2018 Spring Seminar

They're Talking; Who's Listening: Wellbeing and Children's Voices

Conference Flyer

David Reedy from Cambridge Primary Review presenting at the 2018 spring seminar

David Reedy from Cambridge Primary Review presenting at the 2018 spring seminar

James Noble Rogers, Chief Executive, UCET
presentation download

David Reedy, Cambridge Primary Review Trust
presentation download

Suzanne Allies, University of Worcester
presentation download


2017 Conference
Wellbeing for all: happy teachers, happy children, happy schools! 

Conference Flyer

James Noble Rogers Chief Executive, UCET
presentation download

Jonathan Lewis, Deputy Regional Commissioner for the South East

Dr Rob Loe, Director of the Relational Schools Project, Cambridge

Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the New Education Union
Why are teachers leaving the profession in huge numbers?

Martin Fry, Head teacher Ravensthorpe Primary School, Peterborough
My staff...  our future

Alison Roy, Association of Child Psychotherapists

Dr Tony Eaude, Department of Education, University of Oxford
Primary teachers’ well-being, identity and professionalism

Providers’ symposium:

Rachael Paige (BGU, Lincoln)
What is Teacher Presence?

Aimee Quickfall (BGU, Lincoln)
Postnatal Progression: the experiences of teachers who are also mothers

Ben Wiggins (UWE, Bristol)

2017 Seminar: Mentoring and coaching for an enduring primary career

UCET Opening Presentation

Georgina Newton (Worcester)
Recruitment and Retention

Rachel Lofthouse (London)
Ain't no mountain high enough! Career long, career deep and career wide mentoring and coaching

Michael Green (London)
Supporting the development of student teachers - mentoring

2016 Conference: Why bother with a University? The role of HEIs in ITE

Conference Agenda

Speakers and Materials

James Noble Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)
sector briefing

Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
Thoughts on ITT, priorities and levers for success
Graphic: ITT content and the interrelationship of the Teachers’ Standards

Sam Twiselton (Sheffield Hallam University)
Do Universities have a future in ITT?

Jacquie Nunn (Policy and Liaison Officer, UCET)
The Value of an academic award in teacher professional development

Jonathan Doherty (Leeds Trinity University)
A picture of Physical Education: challenges and new opportunities 

Tony Eaude (University of Oxford)
Moving beyond a semi-profession towards extended professionality – implications for ITE and beyond

Robert Morgan, University of Greenwich
Providers Symposium Presentation

2016 Seminar: Assessment: the challenges for ITE

James Noble Rogers, (Chief Executive, UCET)

Henrietta Dombey, (Professor Emeritus of Literacy in Primary Education, University of Brighton)
Introducing the New CLPE Reading and Writing Scales

Matt Ball (Headteacher, Bishop Gilpin C of E Primary)
The Philosophy Behind Our School’s New Approaches To Assessment (Prezi will open in new tab)

Annie Ashraf (Assistant Head Teacher, Tetherdown Primary School)
Life After Levels, the Challenges and Our School’s Expectations (Prezi will open in new tab)

Jo Palmer Tweed (Thames Primary SCITT) and Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
Evidencing trainee progress through pupil progress
Accuracy in Assessment and Training Toolkit
Evidence Bundles

Karin Doull and Susan Ogier (University of Roehampton)
Assessment in Art and Design

2015 Conference: Post Carter, Post Election: Preparing to teach children in Modern Britain

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)

Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
Accuracy in Assessment; Evidencing and Tracking Progress in Teacher Education
Training and Assessment Toolkit

Jonathan Barnes (Christ Church Canterbury University and seconded to Migrant Help)
Education in a Diverse UK

Phil Jones: Professor of Child Rights and Wellbeing (Institute of Education, London)
Rethinking Children's Rights and Education
Rethinking Childhood

Deborah Pope, providers' symposium contribution
Perceptions of 'Subject Knowledge'

David Reedy
Children, Their Voices and Their Experiences of School

Andrew Pollard's address to the Primary Umbrella Group June 2015

2015 Seminar: Mastering Mathematics in the New Curriculum

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)

Dr Alice Hansen (Director of Children Count Ltd)
Mathematics Teaching in Shanghai

Lorraine Hartley (University of Roehampton)

John Duffty (University of Chester)

2014 Conference: New Horizons and New Partnerships

James Noble Rogers (Chief Executive UCET)
UCET Briefing     UCET's response to the Carter Review

Bea Noble Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
OfSTED: Immediate implications of the new ITT framework

Sally Davies OBE, (Thriftwood Academy)
What makes a difference?

Professor Des Hewitt (University of Warwick)
Inclusion, Initial Teacher Education and the Induction Year

Dame Alison Peacock (The Wroxham School)

Dr Tony Eaude (University of Oxford)

2014 Seminar:
Preparing for the New Primary Curriculum: opportunities for partnerships

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)
Naptec Updates

Jo Palmer-Tweed (Course Director, Thames Primary SCITT)
Naptec Updates

Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
English in the National Curriculum

David Reedy (CPRT and Principal Adviser of Barking and Dagenham)
CPRT response to the curriculum

Susie Weaver (Wallscourt Farm Academy)

Helen Taylor (Canterbury Christchurch University)

Sue Hughes (UWE, Bristol)

2013 Conference:
The New National Curriculum: the challenge of working magic in classrooms

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)
UCET Briefing

Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
OfSTED: Headlines      The Inspection Process

Professor Teresa Cremin (The Open University)
Fostering the Power to Innovate

Professor Neil Mercer (Professor of Education, University of Cambridge)

David Reedy (Cambridge Primary Review Trust)

2013 Seminar: Making the Standards Work for ITE and NQTs

Seminar Notes

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)
UCET briefing

Jacquie Nunn (UCET)
Working with the Teachers’ Standards in the context of ITE

Bea Noble-Rogers (Teacher Education Solutions)
Teachers' Standards

2012 Conference: Primary Curriculum & Teacher Expertise

Conference report

James Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)
UCET briefing

Mark Williams (HMI-Ofsted)
The new inspection framework for ITE (Ofsted)

Alison Peacock (Head teacher, The Wroxham School, CPR network lead)
Thinking differently about professional learning
Link to video clip: Its all about reading

Jonathan Barnes (Christ Church, Canterbury)

Dr Tony Eaude (Honorary Research Fellow, University of Oxford)
The expertise of the classteacher

2012 Seminar: New Standards for Teaching

Hugh Baldry (Teaching Agency)
Using the revised Teachers Standards in the context of ITE

Jacquie Nunn (UCET)
New Standards and requirements: implications for teacher education

2011 Conference: New Partnerships, New Agendas

Conference report

Bea Noble-Rogers (TDA) & Jacquie Nunn (UCET)
Perspectives of the Current Policy Context for ITT

Alison Peacock (Head teacher, The Wroxham School, CPR network lead)
Professional Learning Communities

CCU analysis of paired Placements
CCU groups in schools

Jim Sage (HMI-Ofsted)

Symposium contributions

Children's University
Dave Overton (Hull)

Better Reading Partners
Rob Gordon (UWE)

Self-directed Placements
Barry Harwood (Winchester)

Closing presentation
New agendas but whose
Dr Tony Eaude (Honorary Research Fellow, University of Oxford)

2011 Seminar: The Future of HE in ITE

Seminar notes

Noble-Rogers (Chief Executive, UCET)

Jacquie Nunn (UCET)

Sarah Jennings (GTCE)

Alison Ryan (ATL)

Dr Sam Twiselton (Dean of Faculty of Education, University of Cumbria)
Facing the future with confidence and credibility

Ralph Slaney (Martin Mrs Mary King's CE Primary School)
Partnership - A head's perspective

2010 Conference: 25th Annual Conference

Conference report

Peter Dudley (National Director, Primary Strategies)

Prof Andrew Pollard
Inspiring primary school professionalism through reflective practice

Prof Colin Richards
Inspiring teachers and combatting educational amnesia

Prof Teresa Cremin

2010 Workshop: The Changing Primary Curriculum

Mark Orrow-Whiting (QCDA)
Introducing the new primary curriculum

Sarah Jennings (GTCE)
A GTC perspective

Prof Robert Fisher (Professor of Education, Brunel University)
Creative Dialogue

Overview and Feedback

2009 Conference: Redefining the Place of Primary Teachers

Conference report

Prof Andrew Pollard (TLRP)
Pedagogical implications

Liz Francis (TDA)
The role of professional development

Dr Christine Farmery (Head teacher, Anston Brooke)
Primary Science 2009-2010

Emma Westcott (GTCE)

Paul Jackson (Head teacher, The Gallions)

2008 Conference: Personalisation: Paradoxes and Possibilities

Conference report

Prof Ian Menter (University of Glasgow)
Implications for teacher education

Steve Anwyll (QCA)
National responses to personalisation paradoxes and possibilities

Mike Smit
North Yorkshire Dialogic Project

Bea Noble-Rogers (formerly Bea Reed, Primary National Strategy)

2007 Conference: Standards, Skills and Pedagogies: Preparing Primary Teachers for 2010

Conference report

Prof Robert Fisher (Professor of Education, Brunel University)

Dr Tony Eaude (Honorary Research Fellow, University of Oxford)

Jacquie Nunn (Director of ITT Development, TDA)
Standards Skills and Pedagogies: a TDA perspective

Deana Holdaway (HMI, Assistant Divisional Manager, Curriculum Dissemination Division, Ofsted)

Symposium: Rethinking our courses

Degrees for change
Manchester Metropolitan University

TDA SEN pilot project
Jo Barkham (UWE, Bristol) and Kriss Turner (Reading University)

2006 Conference: Informed Professionalism: Challenges and Opportunities for the Reflective Practitioner

Conference programme

Paul Moses (TDA)
Revised Requirements and Standards for ITE: new guidance and exemplification

Dr Mary Bousted, General Secretary (ATL)
Speech by Dr Mary Bousted
Supporting presentation

Diana Hatchett (Senior Director, PNS)
The Primary Framework 2006: broadening pedagogy increasing flexibility

Dr Vivienne Griffiths and Dr Angela Jacklin
Beginning Primary Teaching: moving beyond survival

Prof Andrew Pollard
Emerging TLRP findings and their implications for ITE

Dr Neil Simco (Dean, Faculty of Education, St Martins College)
Fresh Contexts and Reflective Practice: Should we conceptualise reflection in Initial Teacher Education

Prof Colin Richards
Informed or Deformed Teacher Professionalism

2005 Conference: Reshaping Primary Teacher Education

Ralph Tabberer (Chief Executive, TTA)

Leslie Staggs (National Director, Foundation Stage, PNS)
The Early Development and Learning Framework

Pamela Taylor (Principal, Newman College of HE)

2004 Conference: Moving on: Assessment and Quality in Primary ITE

Norman Blackett (HMI)

Maureen Lewis (PNS)

2003 Conference: Course Design: Responding to New Initiatives

Ralph Tabberer (TTA)

Dr Kevan Collins (PNS)

Melanie Nind

Prof Eileen Baker

2002 Conference: Beyond Qualifying to Teach
Prof Peter Gilroy (Chair, UCET)
Prof Carol Aubrey
Chris Schenk (HMI)
Martin Johnson (IPPR)

2001 Conference:
New Directions into Teaching
Stephen Timms (Secretary of State for Schools)
Keith Brumfitt (TTA)
Emma Westcott (GTC)

2000 Conference:
Reclaiming Teacher Education
Carol Adams (Chief Executive, GTC)
Meryl Thompson (ATL)
Ralph Tabberer (Chief Executive, TTA)

1999 Conference:
New Directions in Primary Teacher Education:
Compliance and Beyond
Tim Brighouse
John Howson

1998 Conference:
Current Policies and Developments in Primary Education
Margaret Hodge MP (Chair, Select Committee for Education and Science)

1997 Conference:
Teacher Education: Facing the Future
Ian Kane (Chair, UCET)

1996 Conference:
Quality in Partnership
Mike Tomlinson (HMI, Director of Inspection)

1995 Conference:
1996 and Beyond:
Partnership and the Planning of Primary ITE Courses
Anthea Millett (Chief Executive, Teacher Training Agency)

1994 Conference:
Radical Reform: The Impact on Primary Education
Myra McCulloch
Richard Stainton

1993 Conference:
Issues of School based Initial Teacher Education
Chris Woodhead (Chief Executive, National Curriculum Council)

1992 Conference:
The Future of Teacher Education
John Everson (Chief, HMI)
Prof John Furlong on Mentors

1991 Conference:
Quality in Teacher Education: CATE Competences and ATS
Sir William Taylor
Neville Bennett
Clive Carre

1990 Conference:
Alternative Routes into Primary teaching
Robin Alexander
David Hargreaves