National Primary Teacher Education Council

NaPTEC is a major body in the United Kingdom representing Higher Education tutors, mentors,
teachers and others in schools engaged in teaching, research and educational development related
to the primary age range, encompassing the Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

NaPTEC is committed to enhancing the understanding and practice of partnership between schools
and higher education institutions in the preparation of intending primary teachers.

Primary Perspectives

The first edition of the NaPTEC Newsletter from Autumn 2017 is now available to read on our Publications Page.


NaPTEC has no membership fees, but regards all who attend its events as members.
Our income from events enables us to be self-financing, welcoming participants who are
new to initial teacher education as well as those who have served the profession for many years.

Our roots may have been in the Midlands and the North East, but over the years NaPTEC has
attracted an increasingly diverse membership from across the United Kingdom.

NaPTEC's Committee members are also drawn from Higher Education Institutions
and School Centred trainers from different parts of the country and their meetings have provided forums for discussion
about topical issues as well as being the major vehicle for organising key events,
the most important being:

  • Spring Seminars, currently in association with UCET in March
  • The Annual Conference at St Hugh's College, Oxford in September

Our events are designed to both provide a platform for policy makers and influential thinkers
and give opportunities for tutors to share some of the initiatives taken in their respective institutions.
It is the Committee which has taken responsibility for responding to key policy documents over the
years, and engaging in dialogue with policy-makers.

Details of our forthcoming events can be found on the Upcoming Events page.